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Why araise?

araise is a mission-driven organization dedicated to delivering multi-billion dollar earnings from affiliate marketing to non-profits and other groups that improve society. Our extensive AdTech knowledge is available to assist those that require funds the most.

Increase your reach

Araise makes it incredibly easy to grow your reach across the web with rich, engaging branded content.

All you

White-labeled affiliate pages that match your brand perfectly. Keep your brand consistent for improved audience comprehension.

Recurring or lifetime

Enjoy ongoing revenue generation that has no end date and requires no additional effort. Let it regenerate revenue, hands off.

Performance bonuses

Boost your sales by creating聽tempting bonuses. Set targets based on the number of conversions or conversion amount to motivate your affiliates.

We Care

Our skilled AdTech veterans want to utilize their experience to divert revenue that is already earned to causes like yours. We are passionate about what we do.

Advanced Analytics

By leveraging Araise’s attribution platform, you will gain access to data and invaluable insights that will help you better understand your audience.

How does it work?

1. Set up easily

Once your’e approved, your account is provisioned by our team.

You’ll receive a unique link to your own branded start page!

(We’ll just ask for your logo)

2. Spread the word

Let your audience of supporters know about your new start page.

Encourage them to use it when browsing the internet, making this page their default home page.

3. Get paid

Now sit back and watch your new indefinite incremental source of revenue growing!

Talk to team araise to see how they can help you grow it further.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for the free trial?

Well, good news! It’s always free! Contact us via the form on the site, or send an email to [email protected] and we’ll make sure to reach out to you with instructions for next step… For free 馃槈

Who is eligible for an account?

EVERY non-profit organization with as little as a couple of hundreds of supported to large scale organizations are eligible to work with us. Using araise’s product will allow you to increase your supporters base, because now they don’t have to actually pay anything in order to contribute to the organization 馃檪

How do supporters engage with araise?

Your supporters will engage with your branded start page. Being a fully white label platform allows araise to empower its customers to be in front of their audience.
The only ask from supporters will be to use the awesome new start page when browsing the internet, it’s that easy!

What revenue can I possibly make with araise?

Now we’re talking 馃檪
araise combines best monetization strategies to ensure the highest return on each visit to the start page.聽
Every click on any item on the page can reward you with up to $1. Now run the calculation on how many people, and how often they can engage with your page… Yes, you got it, the sky is the only limit.聽

What do I need to do to make this happen?

You’d need to spread the word and share your start page link with as many people as possible. That includes your supporters base, friends, family and anyone who you know will want to contribute to your cause.聽
Include it on your newsletter, announcements, fundraise events and in any form of communication you can possibly do.聽
Don’t forget to ask them to make this page their new home page (-:

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Melissa Hart

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Julia Arthur

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